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Dr Dennis Chua sees overseas patients including post-operative cases. Some of these patients require post-operative care including photo-documentation and he will be able to provide these for the patients.

Headaches related to Sinus Disease

Sinus infections and inflammations are common conditions in Singapore. When a sinus infection happens (sinusitis), this can result in inflammation of the lining and the sinus can get blocked off resulting in a pocket of pus. This obstructed air pocket can result in pain when environmental pressure changes for example in divers or during flights especially on descent.

I saw a patient recently who had a frontal sinusitis in an isolated air cell on the left. He was diving to a depth of about 15 meters when he experienced severe left sided frontal headaches along with nose bleeds (epistaxis). He attempted again and had the left sided frontal headaches associated with nose bleeds recurring. Sinusitis and sinus headaches in divers are fairly common. It is important for the sinonasal space to be well decongested prior to a dive.


CT scan of the sinuses shows complete opacification of a frontal cell. This is most likely filled with mucus and pus within the cell in the frontal sinus.

As this diver’s symptoms was not improving despite antibiotics, nasal saline rinses and a course of steroid treatment, he underwent a functional endoscopic sinus surgery to clear that frontal cell filled with pus.


Using Image Guided Surgery (IGS), the functional endoscopic sinus surgery can be performed very safely. In this case, the tracker on the IGS shows the left frontal cell has been cleared out.

After surgery, he recovered well and he was able to resume diving in 2 weeks time.

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