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4 Benefits of Getting Sinus Surgery

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sinus specialist performing sinus operation in singapore

Sinusitis is a common ailment. In Singapore alone, 90% of adults are most likely to contract a sinus condition once in their lifetime. The sinuses are located around the eyes, cheekbones and forehead area, and sinusitis occurs when the sinuses become inflamed. This can be caused by allergens and polyps, resulting in symptoms such as a runny nose, blocked nose, sore throat, cough and more. While sinusitis may not be a serious issue, there are instances where if left untreated, can turn into a chronic condition. In such cases, sinusitis treatments in Singapore are recommended and for those with more severe conditions, a sinus surgery may even be necessary. Though sinusitis surgery is a daunting thought, the procedure offers many life-changing benefits that make them worth it.

Better Sleep Quality

woman sleeping peacefully as benefit of sinus operation in singapore

There is no denying that sinusitis negatively impacts sleep quality. Many may not realise the detriments of poor sleep, but research shows that it can be associated with certain chronic diseases from diabetes to cardiovascular disease. Some sinusitis patients may also experience sleep apnea, where they find themselves waking up multiple times a night due to congestion in the nasal airways. Sinus surgery performed by a sinus specialist helps to combat this challenge. As the surgery involves enlarging the openings between the sinus and inside of the nose, airflow becomes much more effortless. An unobstructed airway leads to better sleep quality, eliminating concerns including snoring and sleep apnea. When sleeping habits improve, the overall quality of life is enhanced as well.

Reduced Facial Pressure and Pain

Woman with Sinusitis in pain and needs treatment Singapore

With sinusitis infection, the air-filled cavities behind your cheekbones and forehead become blocked. This can cause us to feel pain and pressure, typically on one side of the face, that worsens with sudden head movements or strains. Warm compressors, humidifiers and saline nose sprays are great home remedies to help alleviate this discomfort. However, should these options be rendered ineffective, then a sinus surgery might be the next alternative. Your sinus specialist will open up the sinuses and allow proper draining during sinus surgery. Thus, the air-filled cavities are no longer blocked. This helps to relieve any facial pressure and pains, empowering a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Reduced Sinus Headaches and Recurrence of Infections

Often, sinus headaches are confused with nasal symptom migraines. This is no surprise as the two can come across similar. The main difference lies in that sinus headache revolves around the sinuses, which are areas at the eyes, cheekbones and forehead rather than just the nasal cavity. With sinus surgery, sinus headaches are no longer a cause for concern. This is because the mucus that serves as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, irritating the sinus and causing these headaches are reduced. Beyond diminishing sinus headaches, sinusitis surgery may minimise the recurrence of the condition. For instance, sinusitis treatment may include endoscopic sinus surgery that helps some patients to decrease the annual rate of infections and others to lessen medication use when managing their sinus-related problems.

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Apart from the physical benefits that a sinus surgery provides, it can positively influence your mental wellbeing too! Imagine enjoying a hobby or executing simple day-to-day activities without proper sleep and a nagging pain and discomfort. Carrying out these tasks become much more tedious and effortful than it should be. By alleviating the symptoms of sinusitis infections, we can perform what is required of us with greater ease and confidence. Ultimately, it is the above benefits combined that enhances mental and emotional wellbeing, enabling patients to live a quality life to the fullest.

No doubt, a sinus surgery brings about a myriad of advantages. Nonetheless, before making any major decisions, always remember to consult your sinus specialist in Singapore to learn if sinus surgery is applicable for you and your condition.

Interested to know more about sinus surgery and the cost of a sinus operation in Singapore? Feel free to contact us today and our professional team will be delighted to support you through any queries you may have!

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