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4 Benefits of Rhinoplasty

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Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, a plastic surgery procedure to reshape the nose, is among the most popular facial surgeries performed in Singapore every year. Although often thought of as a cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty actually has a host of physical and mental benefits.

Beyond enhancing the aesthetics, balance, and symmetry of your face, rhinoplasty can also help improve your breathing, sleep apnea, unwanted sinus pressure, your self-confidence, and your mental health. Read on to find out 4 benefits of rhinoplasty.

Woman undergoing rhinoplasty

Improving your breathing

Many people may have difficulty breathing due to a wide range of reasons. It may have to do with the shape of your nose, or deviations to your septum. These conditions are best diagnosed after a trip to an experienced ear, nose, and throat specialist in Singapore.

Our nasal passages draw in oxygen from the air, filter and warm it before it enters our lungs. It’s an important part of our overall respiratory system. For some patients, the shape of their nostrils may be too small and can cause difficulty breathing. 

Some symptoms of nasal breathing problems include, nasal congestion, problems breathing through both nostrils, headaches, pressure, and facial pain. Rhinoplasty can help reshape your nose for better airflow. 

Another common issue found in patients with breathing problems is a deviated septum. A nasal septum is the thin wall in the middle of our nasal passages. A deviated septum can cause disruptions as it blocks airflow to one side of your nose. This makes it difficult to breathe, but also the larger side is more exposed to the air and more prone cracks and bleeding.

An ear, nose, and throat specialist can perform rhinoplasty to help correct a deviated septum. During the procedure, the surgeon will reposition and straighten the cartilage of the septum to correct its shape.

Sleep apnea Rhinoplasty in Singapore

Aid in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a potentially serious sleep disorder where a patient’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts throughout the night. The symptoms include loud snoring, cessation of breathing when sleeping, dry mouth, and gasping for air during sleep.

For patients with OSA, they might have nasal obstructions preventing them from breathing normally at night. In some of these cases, functional rhinoplasty can be performed to clear the blockages and improve airflow to the nasal passages.

Alleviate Sinus Pressure

Your sinuses are the empty hollow spaces behind your facial bones. The mucus inside your sinuses need to be drained regularly or else the built-up pressure can lead to congestion and facial pain. Bacteria can also get trapped in these spaces, causing infections.

Rhinoplasty can help patients with recurring or chronic sinus problems by addressing issues with your nasal passage. The sinuses drain better and thus, eliminates the problem.

Improving your mental health

A person’s nose is one of the more prominent features on their face. Patients with noses that are too large or not proportionate to the rest of their features may have a lot of negative feelings about their nose. 

Minor modifications to the shape of your nose can have dramatic impacts on your facial symmetry and may enhance your other features to improve the overall aesthetic of your face. This can provide a boost to a patient’s confidence, self-esteem, and have an overall positive impact on their mental health.

For patients in the right circumstances, getting Rhinoplasty in Singapore can have significant improvements to their physical and mental health. Some of us may not like the shape and form of our noses and may look to improve our appearance. Others may have issues with breathing, sleep, and congestion which can be improved through the procedure. 

If you have any such symptoms or simply wish to talk to an experienced ear, nose, and throat specialist in Singapore, contact us today with your questions and we’ll be on hand to answer them.

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