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4 Signs it's Time to Visit an ENT Doctor

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4 Signs it's Time to Visit an ENT Doctor

An ENT, or ear nose and throat specialist is a trained doctor who will diagnose and help you with all sorts of problems relating to these parts of the body. They possess years of experience in the field. Specialist tests, surgery and other related treatments are among the roles of the specialist. You usually do not have to see an ENT specialist if you are having issues with any of the three parts. Nonetheless, if the problem persists for over one to two weeks, you may want to visit one. It is vital to have an idea of when to see an ENT doctor in Singapore, in order to avoid greater discomfort or more severe symptoms. So, when is the appropriate time to do so? Be attentive to the four significant indicators below:

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1. Persistent hearing loss

This marks the first sign you should consult an ENT specialist, especially if you have been experiencing hearing problems for more than a week. It is common to have temporary hearing loss sometimes. The constant need to raise the volume, having trouble understanding people’s speech, and muffled sounds can all point to signs of hearing loss. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the problem if it lasts too long, as it may cause permanent damage to your ear. 

2. Chronic nasal congestion

Persistent nasal congestion may be a sign of a permanent issue. Infections, airborne allergies, or a deviated septum can be some common triggers. If you constantly suffer from a blocked nose when you wake up, or often find it difficult to breathe due to the feeling of a clogged nasal passage, maybe it is time for you to seek medical advice from any ENT clinic in Singapore. Seeing an ENT specialist will help you to figure out the root cause of the problem, as well as receive a recommended remedy.

3. Severe sore throat

Suffering from a sore throat is something all of us have been through, however, it should be looked into if it lasts longer than a week. This is especially so if your sore throat causes severe difficulty in swallowing and prevents you from performing daily activities. Pay extra attention if your sore throat is accompanied by fever, breathing problems or other discomfort. If this happens, it is highly recommended to go to an ENT specialist as it may no longer be a regular sore throat. Quick recovery is made possible when a proper diagnosis is performed efficiently.

4. Balance problems

Unbeknownst to many, constantly feeling dizzy and off-balance may warrant a visit to an ENT specialist as there could be a problem with your inner ears. Your ears play a role in sustaining balance. When you find it hard to maintain proper footing or feel as if the world is spinning, chances are you may be having vertigo, which refers to a sensation of dizziness even when you are standing still.

Balance problems-dizziness-ENT Doctor Singapore

Act fast and schedule an appointment with an ENT specialist, should you experience any of the signs above. This prevents escalation of minor problems to permanent damage. Also, you will learn the root cause of the problem and receive suitable treatments timely. 

With years of experience, Dr Dennis Chua provides diagnosis and treatments to ENT issues. Our medical treatments are catered to a variety of different ENT conditions. If you require professional advice, do not hesitate to call us now or visit ENT Doctor Mount Elizabeth for professional medical assistance.

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