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Is having excessive earwax dangerous?

Earwax is secreted naturally by our ear canals, protecting and lubricating the delicate skin within. Our ear canals are susceptible to bacterial infection and sometimes may exhibit fungal growth, and ear wax helps to prevent those things from happening. However, when ear wax builds up faster than the body can naturally remove it, this causes […]

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All you need to know about hearing aids

What is a hearing aid? Hearing aids are small, portable electronic medical devices that are inserted either into or behind your ear in order to aid with hearing difficulties. The hearing aids work as a sound enhancement tool, increasing the audibility of surrounding sounds so that a person suffering from a hearing disability or hearing […]

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Middle ear infection/ Acute otitis media

Middle ear infection are infections that occur behind the ear drum. The cause of ear infection is usually from the nose. These infections can be severely painful with fluid or pus collecting behind the ear drum resulting in hearing loss. Find out more about middle ear infection here. Dr Dennis Chua encounters this type of […]

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Hole in the ear drum

A hole in the ear drum is a fairly common condition encountered by ent doctors in Singapore like Dr Dennis Chua.It can be acute (< 1 month) or chronic (>1 month). Ear drums with hole lasting more than a month usually do not heal by themselves. Find out more about ruptured ear drum here. Acute […]

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Ear Pain After A Flight – Otitis media with effusion

Dr Dennis Chua is widely regarded as one of the best ENT specialists and sees many patients with ear conditions. One common condition would be ear ache or pain after a flight. This usually occurs during ascent or descent and can sometimes be very severe. Patients may also have decreased hearing and this can be […]

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Ear wax impaction with hearing loss

Ear Wax Impaction Dr Dennis Chua is an experienced ENT specialist and shares his experience on managing patients with ear wax problems. Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the body. Ears have a self cleansing mechanism and there usually is no need for one to clean the ears at all. Ear wax impaction […]

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Put down the cotton buds

Dr Dennis Chua is an ENT Specialist that frequently sees ear wax problems. Have you ever cleaned out your ears (or your children’s ears) with cotton swabs? My advice is don’t do it! Dr. Chua explanation on why it is not a good idea to use cotton buds to remove ear wax goes here. It […]

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