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Nose and Sinus Conditions

Revision Rhinoplasty: Can it Save My Nose?

Revision rhinoplasty, compared to other surgeries in the ENT department, faces a host of unique challenges. Firstly, it’s generally a more demanding surgery which requires a longer downtime as the nose has already been altered prior through plastic surgery. Thus, most ENT specialists see revision rhinoplasty more as a reconstructive procedure to improve the patient’s […]

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Treatment of Sinusitis

Sinusitis can be treated successfully with different medications. Very often a combination of medications can be necessary. Dr Dennis Chua is an ENT Specialists that specializes in treating sinus diseases. Antibiotics: These are necessary as antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. Sinusitis are often due to bacterial infections. Nasal saline wash: These are useful […]

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Deviated (Crooked) Nasal Septum

Dr Dennis Chua is one of the accredited ent specialist in Singapore that is experienced in treating patients with blocked nose from deviated septum. A deviated septum is a fairly common condition. Thankfully most are mild with no significant symptoms. For some patients with severe deviated nasal septum, this can result in blocked nasal passage […]

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Nasal polyps and recurrent sinusitis

Dr Dennis Chua is one of the top ent specialists that is highly experienced in patients with nasal polyps. This is a picture of bilateral nasal polyps in a patient who had it for more than 10 years. The polyps have resulted in blocked nose and a complete lack of smell (anosmia) resulting in decreased […]

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Sinonasal mass – Help I have a lump in my nose!

Dr Dennis Chua is a board certified Sinus Specialist dealing in complex conditions of the nose and sinus. One common condition he encounters are patients referred to him for “Lumps” in the nose. If you feel a lump in your nose, consider visiting Dr. Dennis Chua. These can have different causes: Polyps: These generally refer […]

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Sinusitis and facial pain

CT scan of the Sinus showing complete right maxillary opacification and left maxillary sinus polyp Dr Dennis Chua is an experienced sinus specialist that deals commonly with conditions like sinusitis and polyps. The CT scan above shows a patient with many months of blocked nose with yellow nasal discharge. This is associated with throat discomfort […]

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Epistaxis (Nose bleeds) from sinusitis

Dr Dennis Chua is one of the accredited ent specialist in Singapore that commonly sees patients with epistaxis or nosebleeds. Most nose bleeds are from the front of a nose from an area known as Little’s area. This is frequently a result of nasal trauma from nose picking or rubbing of the nose. As this […]

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