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Different ENT Clinic Services Provided in Singapore

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Ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions are common around the world. When it comes to consults with a general practitioner (GP), 20% of adults and 40% of children have enquiries related to their ears, nose and throat. While such conditions tend to be mild and can be easily addressed with the help of a general practitioner, it is recommended to visit an ENT clinic, where a trained specialist can offer more comprehensive solutions and treatments. This is especially useful for patients with severe conditions. In some cases, your GP may also refer you to an ear, nose and throat clinic. Therefore in this article, we take a look at some of the services provided by ENT clinics in Singapore, giving you a better idea of how your ENT needs can be met.


Rhinoplasty is one of the many services provided by ENT clinics in Singapore. It is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping the nose. Patients who experience difficulty breathing due to the way their nose is constructed can consider rhinoplasty as a treatment option if their doctor considers them an eligible candidate. From fixing a deviated septum or broken nose, the primary purpose of rhinoplasty lies in helping patients breathe better. Apart from correcting medical conditions associated with breathing, rhinoplasty may also be performed simply to enhance one’s facial appearance, by altering the bone, cartilage, skin or all three. There are no standard processes and each procedure is carried out based on each patient’s unique condition. Hence, it is highly advisable to consult your ENT specialist to understand what works best for you and your requirements.

Sinusitis Treatment

Parts of Sinus affected by sinusitis

Our sinuses are small, air-filled cavities behind our cheekbones and forehead. When this lining becomes inflamed, sinusitis occurs. Allergies, nasal polyps (growths) and infections are some of the factors that can cause sinusitis. Symptoms may include sore throat, nasal inflammation, runny nose and stuffy nose among others.

Fortunately, ENT clinics in Singapore provide sinusitis treatment to help alleviate symptoms effectively and improve quality of life. Your ENT specialist may perform nasal irrigation where the nasal cavity is cleaned with saline to flush out mucus and other debris. In serious instances, surgery such as functional endoscopic surgery (FESS) or balloon sinuplasty (BSP) may be performed. These procedures are safe and effective for patients with chronic sinusitis, seeking relief from uncomfortable sinus pain symptoms. Alternatively, most milder cases simply require medication prescribed by your ENT specialist.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes your breathing to stop and start while you are asleep. A blockage of the airway during sleep may lead to obstructive sleep apnea. Such blockages can be caused by a number of factors including obesity, smoking and anatomical characteristics of the nose, jaw and neck. At an ENT clinic in Singapore, diagnosis may be made via a nasoendoscope to assess the narrowest point in the nasal or oral passages. Dr Dennis Chua is a skilled ENT specialist who can perform this procedure in an effective and relatively painless manner.

Sleep apnea treatments in Singapore can vary depending on your condition. Your ENT specialist may recommend a lifestyle change, therapies such as using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine or surgery in more severe cases. Lifestyle changes can involve losing weight and reducing smoking. Afterall, obesity and smoking are factors that increase the risk of sleep apnea. Alternatively, a CPAP may also be used. By pushing air into the airways, these devices help keep the airways open while sleeping. Finally, surgery is typically the last resort. Tissue removal, jaw repositioning and implants are viable surgical options, based on your condition. It is ideal to talk to your ENT specialist to determine a suitable treatment for you.

CPAP for sleep apnea

Above are just some of the many treatment services delivered by ENT clinics in Singapore. Ultimately, the most important part of treatment is having an ENT specialist who understands your condition and proposes solutions based on what you require. Only then can patients experience a seamless and effective ear, nose and throat recovery journey.

ENT Surgeons is an ear, nose and throat clinic in Singapore with a range of solutions including the ones mentioned above and more to help treat any ENT-related conditions. Contact us today for more information.

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