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Blog by Ear Nose Throat Specialist - Dr Dennis Chua

In this blog, Singapore ENT Specialist and Facial Plastics Surgeon Dr. Dennis Chua will share useful and interesting patient cases. As a Rhinoplasty doctor, Dr. Chua specialises in complex nose and sinus conditions. He also addresses kids ENT cases and is able to help most patients deal with breathing, sleeping and snoring related issues. Do spend some time on our blog to educate yourself on these topics.
Revision Rhinoplasty: Can it Save My Nose?

Revision rhinoplasty, compared to other surgeries in the ENT department, faces a host of unique challenges. Firstly, it’s generally a more demanding surgery which requires a longer downtime as the nose has already been altered prior through plastic surgery. Thus, most ENT specialists see revision rhinoplasty more as a reconstructive procedure to improve the patient’s […]

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How to care for your ENT problems at home

Many patients with conditions of the ear, nose and throat (ENT) have an array of symptoms and conditions, with the most common being vertigo, nose bleeds, sinus and tinnitus. These conditions are sometimes triggered randomly and it is not uncommon for patients to ask me for on-the-spot remedies that will alleviate their misery to feel […]

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A guide to thyroid surgery in Singapore

Thyroid surgery, or thyroidectomy, is the removal of all or parts of your thyroid. This butterfly-shaped gland, located at the base of your neck, is responsible for producing hormones that regulate all aspects of cell metabolism, from how fast you burn calories to your heart rate. Problems of the thyroid are broadly classified into two […]

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Is having excessive earwax dangerous?

Earwax is secreted naturally by our ear canals, protecting and lubricating the delicate skin within. Our ear canals are susceptible to bacterial infection and sometimes may exhibit fungal growth, and ear wax helps to prevent those things from happening. However, when ear wax builds up faster than the body can naturally remove it, this causes […]

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Allergies in Children: When should I see an ENT Specialist in Singapore?

Table of Contents What are allergies in children?Why does my child have allergies?What are some common allergens in Singapore?What are food allergies?What are some common symptoms of allergies in children?How do I test my child for allergies?How are allergies in my child treated? What are allergies in children? Allergies are a normal human bodily response […]

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All you need to know about hearing aids

What is a hearing aid? Hearing aids are small, portable electronic medical devices that are inserted either into or behind your ear in order to aid with hearing difficulties. The hearing aids work as a sound enhancement tool, increasing the audibility of surrounding sounds so that a person suffering from a hearing disability or hearing […]

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Dr. Dennis Chua’s Complete Guide to Neck Lump issues in Singapore

1. What are the possible causes of neck lumps? There can be several causes of a neck lump. Many causes of neck lumps depend on the location. A common neck lump encountered would be one in the centre of the neck lower down. This is commonly a thyroid lump/nodule. If you are facing neck lump […]

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Help I have a fishbone in my throat! What can I do?

Fishbones/ foreign bodies can get stuck in the throat during meals if one accidentally swallows it. Most fishbone passes down the throat and are usually harmless. However it can get stuck in various sites in the throat and this will require urgent removal to prevent complications.  Common sites fishbone can get stuck on: Tonsil Base […]

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Tonsil Stone & Tonsillitis- Effective Treatment Methods

Dr Dennis Chua is an experienced ENT Specialist dealing in tonsil conditions. One common condition he encounters are patients referred to him for tonsillitis. Tonsils are 2 glands located at the back of the throat. They are part of the immune defence mechanism in patients below the age of 2. Above the age of 2, […]

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Ways to Treat a Snoring Child

Snoring in a young child is a fairly common condition. A lot of times, allergic rhinitis can contribute to the snoring. The important thing is to ensure the child is not suffering from obstructive sleep apnea as this will have serious consequences on the child’s health. Sleep apnea in a child can lead to disturbed […]

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