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Blog by Ear Nose Throat Specialist - Dr Dennis Chua

In this blog, Singapore ENT Specialist and Facial Plastics Surgeon Dr. Dennis Chua will share useful and interesting patient cases. As a Rhinoplasty doctor, Dr. Chua specialises in complex nose and sinus conditions. He also addresses kids ENT cases and is able to help most patients deal with breathing, sleeping and snoring related issues. Do spend some time on our blog to educate yourself on these topics.
Dangers of Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a common condition that occurs in about 1 in 3 Singaporeans in both adult and children. It is associated with the following harmful medical conditions: Unrefreshed sleep with poorer quality of life Poorer memory and concentration with decreased learning ability in children Hypertension and heart diseases Diabetes mellitus which in turn is […]

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Epistaxis (Nose bleeds) from sinusitis

Dr Dennis Chua is one of the accredited ent specialist in Singapore that commonly sees patients with epistaxis or nosebleeds. Most nose bleeds are from the front of a nose from an area known as Little’s area. This is frequently a result of nasal trauma from nose picking or rubbing of the nose. As this […]

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Put down the cotton buds

Dr Dennis Chua is an ENT Specialist that frequently sees ear wax problems. Have you ever cleaned out your ears (or your children’s ears) with cotton swabs? My advice is don’t do it! Dr. Chua explanation on why it is not a good idea to use cotton buds to remove ear wax goes here. It […]

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