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Safe & Effective Ear Wax Removal in Singapore

Most of us know that ear wax is meant to protect the sensitive parts inside our ears. Their main purpose is to filter dust, dirt, and other microscopic particles from entering the innermost areas of the ear. However, ear wax can accumulate excessively after a period of time, causing ear wax problems not only in young children but also in adults. The most common problem caused by a buildup of ear wax is known as ear wax blockage, which necessitates ear wax removal. Since the buildup of wax inside the ear hinders our hearing and often leads to itchiness and irritation, one should consult an ENT specialist for regular ear wax removal.

If You Are Experiencing The Following:

  1. Severe pain in your ear
  2. Pain in your ear that doesn’t subside
  3. Drainage from your ear
  4. Sudden or partial temporary hearing loss

You might be suffering from excessive earwax buildup.

Ear Wax

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is actually dead skin from the ear. It is normal and is even healthy when kept in an adequate amount. It also has antibacterial properties and helps to trap dust that enters the ear, facilitating the self-cleaning mechanism of the ear. In 90% of individuals, the ear has a self-cleaning ability, making it unnecessary to clean with cotton buds or ear diggers. In fact, over-cleaning the ears can lead to more wax production, which can be treated through ear wax removal. In some patients with skin conditions like eczema, it can lead to accelerated ear wax production. In these patients, it can lead to impacted ear wax. Patients can experience hearing loss or ear infections with pain and discharge from impacted ear wax. As there is always a chance of developing excess ear wax, it is advisable to see your ENT doctor for ear wax removal regularly in order to avoid infection and other complications.

What is Impacted Ear Wax?

Most patients consulting the clinic for ear wax removal are suffering from impacted ear wax, with hearing loss as a key symptom. Experts always warn the public against the use of cotton buds and ear diggers for a reason. When you put something inside the ear canal to remove the ear wax, you are actually pushing some of the wax deeper inside, causing the wax to stick to the other parts of your inner ear, resulting in impacted ear wax. Because of this, the eardrum is obstructed and this results in hearing loss and potentially ear infections.

ENT doctors in Singapore will need to remove the impacted wax using ear vacuum suction under microscopic vision for it to be safe. The ear wax removal procedure is known as an aural toilet. Ear Syringing is not always recommended as it introduces extra moisture into the ear canal and can potentially lead to injury of the eardrum.

picture of a cleaned and a blocked ear canal by ear wax

What dissolves ear wax fast?

There are some ear wax cleaning solutions that one can purchase over the counter. This can be attempted first to see if it helps unblock the ears. Sometimes it can make the blockage worse.

How do I unclog my ear? How can I unblock my ears at home?

Ear wax cleaning solutions should be attempted first. During the application, its important to massage the outer ears to ensure the ear wax cleaning solution enters the ear completely. This should unclog after a few days. Otherwise you will need to see an ent specialist to suction out the ear wax.

What is the best home remedy to remove ear wax?

Besides ear wax cleaning solution, it is dangerous to use home remedies to clean the ears of ear wax or treat ear infections. Vinegar or alcohol has been described before. These solutions are acidic and can potentially injure the ear canal or ear drum. I have come across patients who sustained a hole in the ear drum from using these home remedies.

Will impacted ear wax fix itself?

Unfortunately no. Impacted ear wax are usually firmly lodged in place. Part of this may break off but it is usually necessary to see an ENT doctor to suction out the ear wax.

Should ear wax be removed?

If the ear wax is not impacted and there is no ear infection, there is no need to remove ear wax. As mentioned they are antibacterial and helps trap dust so its normal to have ear wax.

What happens if earwax is not removed?

Aural toilet by a ear specialist to remove ear wax is necessary if the ear wax causes issues like hearing loss or ear infections.

Can ear wax fall out?

Yes! Normal ear wax falls out by itself on a regular basis.

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