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Health Risks of Snoring: When is it Time to Get Treatment?

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Health Risks of Snoring: When is it Time to Get Treatment

For many people, snoring is nothing more than a slight inconvenience, which can sometimes be a nuisance when it disrupts night time sleep. However, not everyone knows that constant snoring, in conjunction with other symptoms, can indicate a more serious health problem.

Snoring can be caused by a number of different factors. Essentially, the noise is produced when air flows past soft, relaxed tissues in your throat causing them to vibrate and create a rumbling sound. Nearly everyone will snore at some point in their lives. Chronic snoring on the other hand, is not typical and should be cause for concern. Patients who experience chronic snoring, should look into snoring treatments in Singapore and visit an ENT doctor at Mount Elizabeth for diagnosis.

When should you be worried?

Snoring once in a while is common and perfectly normal. But if you find that you (or your partner) is constantly snoring every night, then it might be good to seek treatment with an ENT specialist. Snoring is most commonly associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is a sleep disorder which is mild in most cases, but can sometimes have more severe outcomes.

Some of the major symptoms to look out for when you suspect OSA are periods of suspended breathing at night, gasping for air during sleep, migraines during the day, excessive tiredness, and a sore throat in the morning.

Snoring Treatment Singapore Using a CPAP Machine

Periods of suspended breathing at night

OSA is caused by obstructions to your breathing passage during sleep. The air passing over soft tissues blocking your airway creates the snoring sound. Patients with OSA will often stop breathing entirely in the middle of their sleep cycle, before the snoring and obstructed breathing resumes.

Some patients will awake during these pauses gasping for air. Others may have spouses who may observe these breathing pauses during the night. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, you should book an appointment with an ENT specialist for further observation.

Snoring Treatment Singapore and avoid Tiredness

Tiredness, migraines, and difficulty concentrating

Patients who snore due to OSA will also experience symptoms related to not getting a restful night’s sleep. These can include excessive daytime sleepiness, headaches and migraines from not getting enough rest, and difficulty concentrating on tasks throughout the day. These symptoms, while not dangerous, can result in affecting your productivity and workplace performance.

Sore throat after waking up

Partial obstructions to your air passages during sleep can cause you to breathe through your mouth in the night. The air flowing through these passages can dry your mouth and throat leaving you with a sore throat when you wake up.

If you find yourself constantly waking up with a sore or scratchy throat, a dry mouth, experience chronic night time snoring, and exhibit any of the other symptoms listed above, it might be time to seek snoring treatment

Health risks associated with snoring

If your snoring is related to OSA, it can also mean you are at a higher risk for diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, stroke, and cardiovascular issues like heart attacks. Obstructions to your breathing during sleep means oxygen levels drop at night which can cause issues with your health and put you at risk for the conditions named above.

While most cases of OSA can be treated with lifestyle changes, sometimes it may indicate a more serious underlying condition. It’s always better to be safe and consult with a trained professional who can inform you on the severity and cause for your condition.

To find out more about the health risks of snoring and to talk to an ENT specialist in Singapore, contact us with your queries through our online form today.

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