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Importance and Benefits of Ear Wax Removal Treatments

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Importance and Benefits of Ear Wax Removal Treatments

Although some people like to routinely insert foreign objects into their ear to help remove ear wax, it’s mostly not necessary. Our ears are entirely self-cleaning and ear wax itself is a natural substance produced by our bodies to help clean the ear canal of dirt and debris. It is lubricating, antibacterial, and is produced only in the outer part of the ear canal.

A healthy human being will produce a certain amount of ear wax every day. The ear wax slowly makes its way through the ear canal, cleaning as it goes, and finally flakes off once it reaches the outside of the ear. 

However in some rare cases, too much earwax is produced which can cause blockages, hearing loss, and ear infections. In these situations it is advisable to visit an ENT clinic in Singapore for a professional cleaning.

Ear Wax Removal in Singapore Microsuction

Importance of Ear Wax Removal

Some people naturally produce too much ear wax. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as a genetic disposition, pre-existing conditions like eczema, narrow ear canals, and the use of foreign objects in the ear. In these cases, a build-up of earwax blocks sound waves from reaching the eardrum and can lead to partial hearing loss.

It is inadvisable for patients to try and remove the excess ear wax by themselves. The inside of the ear canal is a sensitive place and you can very easily damage the inner lining of your ear with your fingernails or other sharp objects. This can lead to nasty ear infections and should be avoided at all costs. Using cotton buds to remove ear wax can also actually push the ear wax deeper into your ear, causing an impaction and exacerbating the issue.

Excess ear wax could also be the sign of a pre-existing condition or could indicate a more severe problem with your ears. The best course of action for ear wax removal in Singapore is to visit a trained ENT doctor who will observe, diagnose, and remove excess ear wax with specialised tools.

Ear Wax Removal ear checkup

Benefits of Earwax Removal

The benefits of ear wax removal for patients are manifold. For patients with excess ear wax, it can help improve hearing by removing blockages to the eardrum. This is done carefully and professionally to minimise damage to the ear canal and discomfort to the patient during the procedure.

Sometimes foreign objects can get stuck in a patient's ears. These can include hearing aids, ear studs, and cotton buds. In such situations, patients should not attempt to remove the objects themselves. They may end up pushing it deeper into their ear or accidentally damaging the eardrum. Visiting an ENT clinic for a ear wax removal session is safer and better for the patient.

Finally, ear wax removal can also help prevent infections. Excess ear wax or foreign objects may lead to infections of the ear. By going for cleanings whenever required you can keep your ear canal healthy and stave off any possible infections.

Most people can rely on their bodies' natural self-cleaning mechanisms to ensure that their ear wax performs its job and cleans out the ear canal. But for those who have dry skin, produce excessive ear wax or have other issues, it might be preferable to seek professional help and advice for ear wax removal.

Looking to talk to a highly experienced and trained ENT about issues with ear wax or other problems with your ears, nose, or throat? Contact us today with your queries and we’ll get back to you.

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