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Lifestyle Tips to Combat Snoring Before Visiting an ENT Doctor

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Snoring treatment Singapore by ENT Surgeons

Snoring while asleep is an affliction many people will face at some point in their life. Caused by the vibration of soft tissue in your upper airway, a good number of men and women snore on a regular basis. Generally, snoring once in a while is not a cause for concern. Chronic snoring however can be disruptive, affects the quality of sleep, and might even be a symptom of other underlying issues.

Before visiting your ear nose and throat specialist, it can be good to follow a few lifestyle tips and see if the changes affect the severity of snoring. This can save you a trip to the doctor and will also serve to improve your overall lifestyle. 

Weight Loss

Exercising as a lifestyle tip to combat overweight

If you are currently overweight, or have recently gained a lot of weight, this could be the reason behind snoring. Excess fat accumulates in different parts of the body and can cause unwanted pressure on your neck, making it harder to breathe. With airflow restricted, movement of the soft palate occurs, resulting in snoring.

Obesity can also lead to sleep apnea, which is a condition where the upper airway collapses during sleep. This is a potentially dangerous condition which can affect lung and heart function. Therefore, if you are overweight, making dietary lifestyle changes can be a form of snoring treatment.

Sleep On Your Side

Sleeping lifestyle of a woman

It might seem too simple to work, but there's real scientific reasoning behind this quick fix. Lying on your back causes your tongue and soft palate to lie against the back of your throat while you sleep. As air passes through, this may create a vibrating snoring sound.

Of course, our sleeping positions change throughout the night and some people might default to lying on their back. A full-length body pillow can help prevent this by ensuring your sleeping posture is fixed to one spot over the course of the night.

 Nasal Strips

Person sleeping with nasal strip


Nasal strips, sometimes known as snoring strips, are nasal dilators that pull nostrils further apart to help improve airflow while sleeping. A type of snoring treatment, they are applied across the bridge of your nose and prop open your nostrils with embedded plastic splints. They can be found over the counter at many pharmacies and are widely available.

It’s important to note that nasal strips do not treat underlying issues causing snoring. Rather they help alleviate the problem for the time being. They are best used when your snoring is caused by a temporary condition like inflamed sinuses from flu or cold. If you have a long-term chronic snoring problem, it’s better to seek treatment from an experienced ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Limiting Alcohol And Sedatives

Alcohol and sedatives reduces quality of sleep

Although alcohol and other sedatives might help you fall asleep faster, they do not necessarily provide you with a good night’s rest. Some studies seem to suggest that alcohol consumption before bed relaxes muscles in your throat which creates resistance when breathing at night. If you find that your snoring is triggered by or worsened after you’ve had a few drinks, it might be time to think about cutting back.

The lifestyle changes highlighted above can go a long way in helping some people decrease the frequency or intensity of their snoring. If you find that even after making these lifestyle changes, you are still experiencing chronic snoring, then it’s best to get an expert opinion.

Need an ENT doctor for snoring treatment in Singapore or to treat other ENT issues you’re currently facing? Contact us today with your questions and let us know how we can help. Our highly experienced team will get back to you to set up an appointment.


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