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Nasal polyps and recurrent sinusitis

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Left nasal polyps

Dr Dennis Chua is one of the top ent specialists that is highly experienced in patients with nasal polyps.

Nasal polyps

This is a picture of bilateral nasal polyps in a patient who had it for more than 10 years. The polyps have resulted in blocked nose and a complete lack of smell (anosmia) resulting in decreased sense of taste for the patient.

Nasal polyps are usually benign growths in the nose. They are usually bilateral and have a typical “peeled grape” appearance. When big, they can result in symptoms like blocked nose, runny nose and decreased sense of smell or even taste. Find out more about nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis here https://www.uofmhealth.org/conditions-treatments/ear-nose-throat/sinus/chronic-sinusitis-nasal-polyps.

There can be several causes: genetics, allergies, fungal infection, bony infections. When nasal polyps are small, they can be treated with medications to control the growths and prevent them from causing significant symptoms. Medications include topical nasal sprays and oral medications including antibiotics if there are signs of sinusitis.

For the severe cases where the nasal polyps are so big so as to result in recurrent sinus infections and nasal congestion with hyposmia (lack of smell), the patient can benefit from a functional endoscopic sinus surgery. This can help remove polyps and relieve the symptoms. There is usually an improvement in sense of smell after though this may not always be complete. Post-operative care is of utmost importance to ensure the polyps do not recur after surgery. If you have issues with nasal polyps and recurrent sinusitis, consider visiting Dr. Dennis Chua.

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