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Sinusitis and facial pain

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CT scan

CT scan of the Sinus showing complete right maxillary opacification and left maxillary sinus polyp

Dr Dennis Chua is an experienced sinus specialist that deals commonly with conditions like sinusitis and polyps.

The CT scan above shows a patient with many months of blocked nose with yellow nasal discharge. This is associated with throat discomfort as well due to the postnasal drip. He also had right facial pain from the pressure from the pus collected in the right maxillary sinus.

CT scan of the sinus showed severe collection of pus in the maxillary sinus and a polyp as well. Find out more about sinusitis and facial pain here https://www.healthline.com/health/cold-flu/sinus-infection-symptoms.

Thankfully the patient was treated with strong nasal medications in the appropriate dose and sequence and it recovered completely without a need for sinus surgery (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery). Nasal saline rinses along with decongestants as well as antibiotics are frequently necessary to help control the conditions. In addition, patients with allergies should be screened for this using a skin prick test and allergen exposure should be minimized to help in recovery of severe sinusitis. If you experience pain on your face due to sinusitis, consider visiting Dr. Dennis Chua.

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