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Treatment of Sinusitis

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Sinusitis can be treated successfully with different medications. Very often a combination of medications can be necessary. Dr Dennis Chua is an ENT Specialists that specializes in treating sinus diseases.

  1. Antibiotics: These are necessary as antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. Sinusitis are often due to bacterial infections.
  2. Nasal saline wash: These are useful in removal of mucus and pus from the nose and helps decrease bacterial load. They are safe and can even be used in young children or pregnant patients.
  3. Nasal sprays: Some nasal sprays can help decrease inflammation and helps in removal of pus from the nose. It is important to use it daily for maximal effect. The peak effect of these nasal sprays are usually about a week after treatment.
  4. Antihistamine tablets: These help to decrease mucus, runny nose and sneezing. There are non-drowsy formulations which can ensure your work or studies are not affected while you are on medications.
  5. Herbal supplements: Some herbal supplement can help in relieving sinus congestion and mucus build up. These are useful adjuncts in treatments of sinusitis.

Find out more about sinusitis treatment here https://acaai.org/allergies/types/sinus-infection.

Surgery (Functional endoscopic sinus surgery) is a last resort for treatment of recalcitrant chronic sinusitis. The microdebrider or balloon sinuplasty can be used and the procedure is frequently painless and comfortable.
The success rate with Dr Dennis Chua after these sinus operations is high with minimal recurrence.

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